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Down East Bellydance & Drum Fest 2014

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2014 Down East Bellydance & Drum Fest

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    Kaitlyn Bellydance and the Apsara Dancers proudly present the Down East Bellydance and Drum Fest 2014!

    Save the Date: July 18th-20th 2014

    If you are interested in performing or vending at DEB&DF please contact Kaitlyn@

    Hampton Inn of New Bern is the Official Hotel for the Down East Festival. Register Here for special DEB&DF rates!

2014 Down East Bellydance & Drum Fest Schedule

Hafla Location: Mickey Milligans | 3411 Trent Rd, New Bern, North Carolina 28562
Get Ready for your Closeup (Jaki) *new time & location* 3:30-5:30PM @ Hampton Inn of New Bern
Drum Jam *new time* 6-7pm
Hafla *new time* 7-9pm

FREE Beginner Bellydance DEMO Class! During the Friday Hafla Intermission Taught by Kaitlyn! Learn some of the basics that will help you begin your journey in the art of bellydance! Fun for ALL AGES!

Saturday & Sunday Workshop location: Stanly Hall Ballroom | 305 Pollock St, New Bern, NC 28560

Registration & Shopping Open: 8:30am
Spanish Fusion Bellydance (Maria): 9:30-11:30am
Maximizing Your Drum Solo (Kalaa): 11:45-1:45pm
Advanced Techniques (Dave): 11:45-1:45pm
Lunch and Shopping: 1:45-2:45pm
Fan Addict (Onca): 3:00-5:00pm
ITS Exposure (Sami Te): 3:00-5:00pm

Gala Show Location: Grover C. Fields Auditorium | 2000 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, New Bern, NC 28560
Doors Open: 7:30pm | Gala Show: 8-10pm

Registration & Shopping Open: 8:30am
Fluid and Elegant Veil Choreography (Yasmine): 10:00am-12:00pm
Lunch and Shopping: 12:00-1:00pm
Fancy Foot Work & Traveling Combinations for the Modern Bellydancer (Yasmine): 1:00-3:00pm
Ensemble Drumming and Percussion (Dave): 3:15-5:15pm
Shopping Ends: 6pm

2014 Down East Bellydance & Drum Fest Pricing

*When registering for more than one workshop using Paypal, please specify which workshops in the info section when checking out.

Friday: $5.00
Saturday: $10.00 in advance or $15.00 at the door

1 workshop: $45
2 workshops: $80
All Day Saturday: $105.00

1 workshop: $45
2 workshops: $80
All Day Sunday: $105.00

Saturday and Sunday Workshop Package Price: $205 w/ free t shirt
Entire Weekend Package Price: $245 includes free t shirt, free bag, 1 ticket to Gala Show

*Mail-in Payment Option:
Mail to: 5116 Western Blvd. Apt. 803
Jacksonville, NC 28546
Make Checks payable to : Sharon Burke

Pay with PayPal for DEB&DF

    Individual Workshops

  • Get Ready for your Closeup with Jaki ( Fri 5:00-7:00pm )

  • Spanish Fusion Bellydance with Maria ( Sat 9:30-11:30am )

  • Maximizing Your Drum Solo with Kalaa ( Sat 11:45-1:45pm )

  • Advanced Techniques with Dave ( Sat 11:45-1:45pm )

  • Fan Addict with Onca ( Sat 3:00-5:00pm )

  • ITS Exposure with Sami Te ( Sat 3:00-5:00pm )

  • Fluid and Elegant Veil Choreography with Yasmine ( Sun 10:00-12:00pm )

  • Fancy Foot Work & Traveling Combinations with Yasmine ( Sun 1:00-3:00pm )

  • Ensemble Drumming and Percussion with Dave ( Sun 3:15-5:15pm )

  • Workshop Packages

  • Any 2 Workshops Saturday

  • Any 3 Workshops Saturday

  • All Day Saturday

  • Any 2 Workshops Sunday

  • All Day Sunday

  • All Day Sat and Sun with Free T Shirt

  • Entire Weekend with free t shirt, free bag and 1 ticket to Gala Show

  • Show Tickets & T-Shirts

  • Friday Night Hafla Ticket

  • Saturday Gala Show Ticket

  • T Shirt

2014 Down East Bellydance & Drum Fest Instructors

  • Fan-addict!
    How can a working artist get by without this versatile tool? Fun, sassy, with built-in air conditioning! This one is a classic in Onça's teaching repertoire, inspired in equal parts by Flamenco, the Fine Art of flirtation, and love of gorgeous, dancerly lines. This prop is effective for soloists, troupes, and fire artists thinking of adding something new to their kit. Most fans will work: feather fans and fan veils will be discussed, but are not usable for the purposes of class. Onça's preferred fans will be for sale at the event, or bring your own.

    Onca's Bio »

    Madame Onça, aka Onça O’Leary, is a career entertainer based on the East Coast. She travels internationally, teaching and performing dance, torch-songs, and stagecraft. Madame Onça produced the seminal TribOriginal: Tribal Dance, Music & Culture Camp for seven years. She continues the work of raising the bar and creating community with her long-standing ABSfest: the Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival in Asheville, NC, and the Virginia Burlesque & Sideshow Festival now in its second year in Richmond, VA. She owned a dance studio and folk-art center in Asheville, for seven years, directed an award-nominated dance company, and has traveled broadly as a solo artist, with the Mezmer Society and with the Accidental Circus. She is also an internationally published artist and author, with work translated into Spanish.It is her stalwart belief that “The greatest form of rebellion is joy.” Onca's Website

  • Maximizing your Drum Solo
    Kalaa will teach participants how to hear what the music is saying. Students will learn to use their full repertoire instead of just focusing on “locks and pops”. Participants will also leave with a full, choreographed drum solo including notes and music info.

    Kalaa's Bio »

    With over 20 years of dance experience, Kalaa brings grace and style to each of her performances. Specializing in classical Egyptian and cabaret styles, she enthralls audiences with her emotive interpretation of the music. Her award winning choreography and instruction have made her and favorite and well sought after dancer across the U.S.  Kalaa is a Certified Belly Dance Trainer and currently teaches workshops and intensives in Virginia Beach, VA. She is also the creative director of Saleema Habiba, a belly dance collective. Kalaa and Saleema Habiba perform professionally throughout Southeastern Virginia. Kalaa's Website

  • ITS Exposure
    A format developed by Amy Sigil based on the work of Caroleena Nericcio. Improvisational Tribal Style bellydance is a dance language where the dancers create a live improvisational performance based on a common dance based vocabulary. SamiTe’ is an Amy Sigil certified ITS instructor.

    Sami Te's Bio »

    With Tribal Fusion Bellydance as the seat of her passion,  SamiTe’ delights audiences with her graceful yet dynamic abilities.  Whether on the ground, on fire, or dangling in the air, SamiTe’s performances are one of a kind! In 2008, SamiTe’ placed first runner up at the Bellydancer of the Universe Competition in Long Beach, CA in the Tribal Fusion Soloist category.   Her style is rooted in traditional form fused with modern Tribal aesthetic. She began her training in the Jamila Salimpour format under the instruction of Conchi of Cincinnati, OH in the late 90′s.  She then moved to Santa Barbara, California and became immersed within music and dance culture with the UCSB Middle East Ensemble where she studied violin and folkloric dances of the Middle East under the musical direction of Dr. Scott Marcus and artistic direction of the infamous Alexandra King.  SamiTe’ then moved again to Sacramento and studied with Amy Sigil who she continues to seek training with.  SamiTe’ is a Sigil certified ITS Level 1 and 2 instructor. SamiTe’ now lives in Asheville, NC.  She teaches Tribal Fusion choreography classes as well as ITS and performs with her long time student, Stacey as half of Envidium Bellydance.  SamiTe’ is in high demand for instruction at festivals throughout the SouthEast. Sami Te's Website

  • Advanced Techniques
    Got good rhythm and understand the basics of your instrument? In this class, Dave will cover slaps, pops, riz, many finger rolls, and other tricks and techniques to dress up your playing.

    Ensemble Drumming and Percussion
    Let’s work together with doumbeks, frame drums, riqs, zills, and other percussion in a really fun class that will demonstrates the joy of making music together with space and time for all to be heard, often in polyrhythmic set-ups.

    Darbuka Dave's Bio »

    Darbuka Dave is considered an excellent instructor and performer by his contemporaries, known for technical precision and emotional expression on percussive instruments. He performs and teaches at shows and workshops throughout North America. Dave can also be found performing with his hometown music and dance ensemble, Lumani of Huntsville, AL, with the Day Late and Dollar Shortkestra, and with the Mezmer Society to name a few. His latest projects have been working with Carmine Guida to produce a great bellydance drum album, and performing and recording with the Medieval bagpipe band Brizeus, where you can see him rocking out on the Davul. Dave’s talents extend far beyond his skills as a percussionist. In addition to being a hilarious guy to stand next to at a party, he displays a wide range of other “talents”. 

  • Fancy Foot work & Traveling Combinations for the Modern Bellydancer
    Experience and Learn dance combinations from delicate to dynamic mixed with a dash of Yasmine's own magic flair.

    Fluid and Elegant Veil Choreography
    Love thy Veil with these single veil techniques, transitions and combinations building into a Fluid & Elegant veil choreography to add the perfect touch to enhance any show performance. Choreography will cover the first 2:23min of Rouh (instrumental) from Dr. Samy Farag's Cario Nights vol.1 CD

    Yasmine's Bio »

    Yasmine started at a young age with ballet, tap and jazz & then as an adult found Middle Eastern dance. Yasmine spent much of 2004 touring with the Bellydance Superstars performing in major cities around the United States as well as Barcelona, Spain and after touring teamed up with Master Tabla Player Issam Houshan, Karim Nagi (Turbo Tabla) and Carmine Guida in offering Drum & Dance workshops. Yasmine is primarily an American Cabaret Dance artist but enjoys performing all styles of Belly Dance as well as popular fusion dance styles and continues to focus on Egyptian Style with inspiration from master percussionist Souhail Kaspar as well as Modern Egyptian Styles with master dance artists from around the world.Yasmine is simply a dancer at heart and is well recognized for her dynamic movements, which she carefully extends to her students grooming them for their own spectacular performances. As well as being a sought after instructor due to her personable and fun teaching approach, Yasmine's distinct and energetic performance style captures the heart of her audiences with her own magic flair. Because of Yasmine's love of empowering women through movement and interest in women's health and fitness,  Yasmine became a certified Bellyfit® instructor and the first to bring this innovative fitness system designed for women to Charlotte NC. Yasmine is also AFAA certified as a Group Fitness Instructor. Some of Yasmine's accomplishments include being nominated in Zaghareet’s 2003 Golden Belly Awards as Best Kept Secret and as Instructor of the year in 2005. Yasmine was featured on the cover of the May/June 2007 issue of Zaghareet and has appeared as a guest artist for Dr. Samy Farag's 2008 & 2012 CD Release in Texas. In 2010, Yasmine was awarded runner up for Best Teacher in NAFOURA Magazine's Best Artists Awards. Yasmine's Website

  • Najmah Nour

    Spanish Fusion Belly Dance
    Maria will teach you how to incorporate flamenco hands and arms, body positions and turns into your tribal fusion choreography. We will work on hands floreos and arm posture, flamenco influenced moves and turns, and how to move your skirt with a little Spanish flair! Ole!!

    Maria's Bio »

    Maria Palacio starting dancing at a young age with ballet and jazz.  Over time her passion for dance grew into other styles includin flamenco, traditional latin dances and more, performing at local latin festivals in South Carolina.   One day she saw a flyer offering bellydance classes at a local gym.  She started taking classes and was soon hooked.  She studied traditional oriental dance ”raq sharqi”, American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and tribal fusion.   She became a member of Delirium Tribal, a tribal bellydance troupe in Columbia, SC.  A few years afterwards, Maria pursued here solo career.  She is known for combining her spanish heritage and flamenco flare into her bellydance style.   She continues her dance education through workshops / intensives and private lessons with various instructors. Maria's Website

  • Fundamentals of Folk Bhangra *Cancelled*
    Lavesh's workshop has been cancelled. We apologizing for any inconveniences this may cause. Anyone who signed up for Lavesh's Workshop will be contacted promtly.

  • Get Ready for Your Close-up
    Having your photograph taken by a pro photographer (or even an amateur) can be intimidating and stressful if you are inexperienced or unprepared. This 2-hour workshop will take you to a live studio setup and show you what to expect, what to bring, and how to pose in ways that flatter your figure to bring out your best looks. We will also discuss costume choices, makeup for studio lighting, prop play for still photos, and facial expressions the camera will love. Bring your veils, your swords, and any other props for practicing poses on and off camera. Most of this workshop will be demonstration and lecture, but be prepared for some movement as we get ready for your next photo shoot.

    Jaki's Bio »

    Jaki is an award-winning photographer in the Atlanta area specialized in portrait, event, and dance photography.  She has been behind the lens for nearly 10 years and holds a degree in Commercial Photography.  As a life-long dancer, Jaki is passionate about capturing the beauty and artistry of dance movement and emotion.  Her dance training and knowledge of how to move allows her to instantly reveal her creative vision and creates a comforting and joyful environment that puts most dancers as ease within minutes.  Her photography style is upbeat and casual, with a touch of dramatic flair. In 2012, Jaki re-launched her photography business under the name Studio Jaki to incorporate her love of photography, art, dance, and music.  The studio is also home to the Jahara Phoenix Dance Company and Sherar, Jaki’s professional and student dance troupes, and to Tarabiya, a world music ensemble for women.


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