Perfomer, Instructor, Choreographer, Troupe Director, Event Producer

International Bellydance instructor and performer based in Eastern North Carolina. Inspired by Middle Eastern dance, Kaitlyn immerses herself in the art by studying and teaching various styles that include Egyptian and Cabaret, American Tribal Style®, and Tribal Fusion.


Professional Bellydance Artist

After seeing a commercial of the Bellytwins selling instructional belly dance DVDs on T.V., Kaitlyn was dazzled by what she saw and knew that belly dance was for her! Her life-long obsession with Middle Eastern and Indian cultures…


Check out Kaitlyn and the rest of the cast in action and behind the scenes video series.

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Directed by Kaitlyn

Meet the ladies behind Apsara!

A student-level performing bellydance troupe under the creative direction of Kaitlyn. They study various styles of bellydance and perform at local and regional events through North Carolina and beyond. Each member of Apsara brings her own unique energy, dance experience and talent to the troupe which adds a dynamic flavor to their performances.

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ENC Renaissance Faire

Kaitlyn will be performing with “Aljamaea – Bellydance & Live Music” group at the 2nd Annual ENC Renaissance Faire at the Lenoir County Fairgrounds.

See more info at: www.encrenfaire.com

Belly Dance 1

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Belly Dance 1

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"Rarely do I come across dancers with grace, beauty, and passion. Kaitlyn is a delight to watch!"



"Kaitlyn's talent and love of dance will entertain her audiences and enrich her students throughout her career."


"I have had the pleasure to work with Kaitlyn. She not only demonstrates a strong work ethic & good technique,  but a positive attitude. Her talent and dedication to detail makes her a valuable member to any team. She has proved to be an asset to my production with her physical talent, grace and professionalism on all levels."



"Kaitlyn was excellent! We enjoyed her. Very pleasant and integrated very well with my guests. Kaitlyn was so much fun."



"She was so awesome and professional. She was very engaged with the audience. I really enjoyed her show and would recommend her to anyone. Every show I have, Kaitlyn will be involved in it."



"She was a great performer (New Years party). Everyone in the party enjoyed it and they said she would be the one performing from now on."




"I started taking classes with Kaitlyn in Sept of 2007 - I'm one of her original students in the eastern NC area.  Her passion for the art form,her compassionate methods of teaching and her genuine love of instruction shine through in every class.  She is patient, kind and attentive. She never tires of questions and does her best to not only teach us the movements, but the history and legends surrounding them. She gives her students 150% all the time and goes far and beyond any other instructor I've ever had.  Dancers and instructors from other areas make it a point to tell us how lucky we are to have her as a teacher every time we travel to an event. I'm proud to call her my teacher but even prouder to call her my friend."


"I have to admit I was nervous about coming today. But you really inspired me during class! I came straight home and got on-line. I have had a void in my life for a while now and THIS is what I was looking for. I miss expressing myself through dance and I am so excited to learn from you. You have such a passion for belly dancing, you can see it when you talk about it and when you dance. I have been learning a lot online too, I had no idea what a beautiful and sophisticated art form it was. Thank you for offering this class, you rock!"

MELISSA (after just one class)


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