If you feel that you would benefit from a more direct approach to your dance instruction, Kaitlyn also offers private lessons and personal coaching at multiple levels.

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Private Lesson

In a studio setting or in the privacy of your home, for up to three people. Price per person.


Group Session

In a studio setting or in the privacy of your home, for up to four or more people. Price per person.


Mentoring for Senior Project

If you are interested in having Kaitlyn mentor you for your Senior Project, please contact her for information on how she can help you:

@ or

Price May Vary


"I started taking classes with Kaitlyn in Sept of 2007 - I'm one of her original students in the eastern NC area.  Her passion for the art form,her compassionate methods of teaching and her genuine love of instruction shine through in every class.  She is patient, kind and attentive. She never tires of questions and does her best to not only teach us the movements, but the history and legends surrounding them. She gives her students 150% all the time and goes far and beyond any other instructor I've ever had.  Dancers and instructors from other areas make it a point to tell us how lucky we are to have her as a teacher every time we travel to an event. I'm proud to call her my teacher but even prouder to call her my friend."


"I have to admit I was nervous about coming today. But you really inspired me during class! I came straight home and got on-line. I have had a void in my life for a while now and THIS is what I was looking for. I miss expressing myself through dance and I am so excited to learn from you. You have such a passion for belly dancing, you can see it when you talk about it and when you dance. I have been learning a lot online too, I had no idea what a beautiful and sophisticated art form it was. Thank you for offering this class, you rock!"

MELISSA (after just one class)